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Part No: 160-501-101
Part No: 161-501-402

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PPIM-5.0-UFA1NQ / PAS-5.0UFASNQ1 (Mid Static) Current Range

airCore700 Light Commercial Inverter AC System (Single)
The airCore700 stands as Hitachi’s flagship light commercial split system range. It delivers outstanding cooling and heating performance, showcasing a wide capacity range and efficient operation in diverse ambient temperatures, while guaranteeing uncompromised comfort. Utilising R32 refrigerant, airCore700 units have a lower global warming potential compared to R410A refrigerant products.

Uses a Single Phase power supply, so is also suitable for Residential use.

Ranging in Cooling capacity from 5kW to16kW, the Hitachi airCore 700 Ducted range delivers the level of comfort, convenience, and reliability that you’ve come to expect from Hitachi. 

Featuring a lightweight, compact design, our ducted one-to-one systems are the ideal option when installation spaces are tight and challenging.

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