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Heat Pump Water Heaters

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Heat Pump Water Heaters MAGNUS Current Range

Application Optimised Chillers & Heat Pumps – Custom Made

Available in six types:
1. Potable Hot Water heating (eg motels, hostels, multi-unit accommodation)
2. Swimming Pool heating (eg residential, public)
3. Underfloor heating (eg residential, commercial, aged care)
4. Boiler Replacement (eg schools, hospitals, electric heater bank replacement, fresh air tempering)
5. Process Chiller (eg dairy farm, plantroom cooling)
6. Combined Heating/Cooling (residential and commercial hydronic systems)

Product range 15kW to 100kW; single and three phase systems.

- Designed and manufactured for reliability and durability by Temperzone.
- Highly efficient, cost effective integrated water heating systems
- Fouling resistant ThermoShell® heat-exchanger
- Potable hot water using single pass technology to 62°C
- In-line inverter systems for space heating and cooling for maximum energy savings
- Elimination of buffer tanks in most applications
- Powerful yet quiet, compact design
- Integrated "turnkey" controls for suitable applications
- Integrated BLDC (variable speed) pump on some models
- Local support and commissioning
- BMS / Modbus connectivity

As all systems are application optimised. Contact temperzone for info. on how to apply these models.

WARRANTY 2 years Parts & Labour

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Case Study: Pool+Space Heating: Download
Case Study: Space Heating: Download
Case Study: Potable Water Heating + Fresh Air tempering: Download

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