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Floor Standing Gas Boiler Current Range
De Dietrich were pioneers in the protection of workers’ rights and the company participated in large industrial projects from the beginning of the 20th century. Today, with 2000+ employees, who share the same requirement of excellence and the same values, De Dietrich offers products and services which are well recognised and which meet the current requirements of global consumers.

Whatever the model, from the most simple to the most sophisticated, all De Dietrich heating appliances are of the highest quality. Whether in terms of design, of materials, or manufacturing and on the details, the De Dietrich objective is to ensure the reliability and durability of the equipment. These appliance are merit of the De Dietrich logo for their entire lifespan.

More than just a tradition, innovation is second nature at De Dietrich. Entirely dedicated to the development of new technologies which link energy savings with environmental protection, more than 100 engineers in the design and research centres strive to create the boilers and other heating appliances of tomorrow.

Product Range: C 230 – 630 Eco

Medium and high output gas-fired condensing boilers

Condensing gas boilers in cast aluminium-silicium components and with modulating burners guarantee optimal energy use for medium and high output boiler rooms (collective housing, schools, offices). Adaptable to all installation situations and constraints.

A broad range of outputs from 9kW to 1294kW, and up to 6500kW in the case of cascade installations.

The modulating burner guarantees:

  • Optimal combustion quality over the entire output range thanks to an integrated mixing system that provides a constant air/gas ratio
  • Perfect adaptation of boiler output to actual energy needs
  • Very low pollution emissions
  • An annual operating efficiency of up to 109% at 40/30°C

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C330-1300 (4.3Mb): Download
C330-1300 ECO (5.1Mb): Download

More than 60 years of Temperature Control

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