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The temperzone Approved Installer programme was set up to give purchaser’s of temperzone air conditioning equipment the peace of mind to know they are dealing with companies who are familiar with temperzone equipment and who are qualified and know what they’re doing when it comes to installation and servicing. It also gives temperzone confidence that its Approved Installers are reputable companies who won’t compromise the quality and integrity of its products through poor installation, commissioning or servicing. temperzone rewards these company’s by giving them a full warranty on the products they purchase.
temperzone Warranties are for 12 Months or 5 Years. Different conditions apply for each. To qualify for a 5 Year Warranty, temperzone equipment must be installed and serviced by a temperzone Approved Installer.
This is the only programme in New Zealand that sets an ongoing industry standard that customers can gain some assurance from. There are over 110 temperzone Approved Installers throughout the country. 

temperzone Approved Installer status is reviewed every 2 years.

  • When asked to recommend installers to third parties, temperzone only recommends Approved Installers. 
  • You receive a temperzone Approved Installer Certificate which you can display in your office/reception. Note: Certificates are issued for a maximum of two years duration, as your ‘approval’ status is reviewed bi-annually.
  • You are covered for a 5 Year Warranty on Parts and Labour costs for temperzone branded products. 
  • Entitles you to use the title temperzone Approved Installer in your advertising copy.
  • Entitles you to receive technical Applications Notices covering troubleshooting and product information as and when issues arrive. These notices are in addition to the standard Installation and Maintenance instructions. 
  • Singles you out from installers who are “not approved”.
In order to preserve the status of the Approved Installer programme temperzone reserves the right to disqualify any temperzone Approved Installer from the programme if it receives sufficient just cause that the requirements of the programme are not being followed.

Requirements to become a temperzone Approved Installer:  Download PDF
Application to become a temperzone Approved Installer:  Download PDF
Current temperzone Approved Installers (sorted by location):  Download PDF
Current temperzone Approved Installers (sorted by company):  Download PDF

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