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'The Temperzone Advantage'

Quality is in our DNA. We use tested and proven components from internationally renowned suppliers. Our products are built to last. Reliability is important to us. Our test laboratory is one of the largest in the Australasia. Each unit is individually tested. The lifecycle cost of a product saves the client money in the long run.

Local Manufacture
You can speak directly to the manufacturer without going through a third party. This usually means getting a quicker response to your query and are less likely to get communication errors, e.g. language barriers, misinterpretations. As a local company we provide employment and contribute to the growth of the NZ economy.

Local Knowledge & Experience
We know the NZ climate. We have been designing, manufacturing and selling in New Zealand for over 60 years, whereas most competitors products are designed overseas to suit a world market.

Our units are built to AS/NZS standards so no issues with compliance to local regulations, e.g. electric heat.

Customised Solutions
We have the capability to customise standard products. This is only possible because of our in-house engineering expertise and short run capabilities of the factory. It is also possible because we want the best solution for our customers. We are a ‘solution provider’ – not an Importer.

Stock on Hand
Standard units are held in stock and are often available at relatively short notice. In stock items help when projects just pop-up and the lead times are short (e.g. no time to import). Variations in models may solve site problems, e.g. clearance requirements to some EC motor units could be solved by putting in an AC model variation that doesn’t have the same clearance requirement. Our Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch branches offer an 'own pick-up' option.

Project lots of units can be arranged into job lots, e.g. one floor at a time or to suit crane lifts. A site reference number can be applied to individual units at the time of manufacture saving identification time on site. No need to shuffle through a building lot of imported units to find the right one.

We have the luxury of having a large Auckland premises, where we can store units securely, until the site is ready to receive them.

We don’t invoice until the unit is ready for the customer (i.e. manufactured or in-stock and available for delivery/collection) and to an agreed date. All our competitors usually require up-front deposit and or full payment before goods leave overseas factories. 

We are fully committed to the quality of our units. Our experienced technicians are here to help and if necessary can visit your site in the unlikely event you have problems. Warranty details can be found on this website.

Spare Parts
Our spare parts are held in stock and available at short notice, which is important, say when the client is screaming on a very hot/cold day for his restaurant aircon to be fixed. Time is money. We aim to keep spare parts available for a minimum of 10 years.

We have a wide product range range which means most of your project needs can be bought on one account, instead of multiple accounts from different suppliers, and supplied in one convenient delivery.


More than 60 years of Temperature Control

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