The Warehouse


Story: In the mid 90’s The Warehouse adopted a modular approach to air-conditioning their stores conceived by Tempest using special Krantz air distribution. In 2001 temperzone became the successful supplier of 90 kW rooftop units.  Generally these were applied in pairs with between 4 and 12 units used on each store. Later The warehouse expanded into Australia and a number of stores were air conditioned throughout Australia from Adelaide to Cairns.


The Warehouse in Whangarei was the first large installation of green units using refrigerant R410A with 12 off 90 kW units supplied.  R410A units were then supplied to other climatic zones with success and now R410A refrigerant is standard across the whole temperzone range. 

Units: Over 150 customised 90kW Rooftop packages 


Consultant: Kerry Jones


Contractor: Tempest



More than 60 years of Temperature Control

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