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Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters (Gas) Superseded Range

Schwank offers a broad selection of infrared tube heaters and high intensity heaters including indoor and outdoor gas radiant heaters. Schwank delivers unmatched performance minimizing wasted convective heat and delivering more comfort for your energy dollar. Schwank radiant infrared heaters are best for the environment too.

Tube Heaters:

Advantages of Schwank Low Intensity Tube Heaters

  • Up to 60% energy savings
  • High return on investment – quick payback, as low as one year
  • Quiet 46 dBA at 3m distance. Whisper-Jet technology for quiet operation
  • Easy access – one click opening for quick access to the burner
  • Easy maintenance – instant adjustment and testing of the burner while in operation
  • Best quality in the industry, service claims are less than 0.5% of sales

superTubeSchwank – Highest radiant efficiency

  • 77.5% radiant efficiency
  • Green technology: up to 60% fuel savings
  • CO2 emissions reduced by up to 60%

calorSchwank – High radiant efficiency 

  • 70.2% radiant efficiency

infraSchwank – Benchmark of radiant efficiency

  • 59.3% radiant efficiency

novoSchwank – Efficiency and Economy

  • 52% radiant efficiency

Factories, Gymnasiums, etc

Case Study

Tube type:
superTube : Download
: Download
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