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Dirt Separators Superseded Range

Zeparo Cyclone

High efficiency independent of dimension
Separation efficiency increases together with flow velocity. The pressure drop remains stable regardless of the amount of dirt collected. Even higher protection for higher flows, e.g. in cooling applications. Suitable for up to 300 kW of system output.

Cleans and protects the installation
Protects critical investments such as boilers, pumps, valves, chillers, and calorie meters, from dirt-related malfunction and failure. No risk of clogging - the dirt collected can be easily and quickly flushed out with the help of the drain valve. Reduces maintenance and associated costs over entire system lifetime.

Magnet Accessory
Optimises separation efficiency even further for sludge and magnetite (black iron oxide) deposits that consist of finer magnetic particles. Combines magnetic separation and thermal insulation. Available in a set with the Zeparo Cyclone or as a separate accessory.

Horizontal and vertical mounting
The unique cyclonic technology works in every position, allowing the Zeparo Cyclone to be mounted in vertical pipes as well.


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