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PC-ARC Wired Wall Control Current Range

Compatible with:

  • Hitachi ducted air conditioning systems with H-Link communication protocol.
  • 4-Way Cassette air conditioning systems with H-Link communication protocol.
  • VRF Indoor units 

The Eco-Compact controller is embedded with NFC functionality, enabling short-distance communication between your controller and the phone. The Eco-Compact results from a complete new design direction, intending to bring the value to what matters to control users. 9x9cm surface is slightly curved to the lower part, improving the ergonomics of the interface and easing access to the touch button.

Designed for essential controls

Access commonly-used controls such as on/off, operation mode, set temperature, airflow direction and fan speed from the main menu.

 Each setting is clearly displayed with the support of pictograms designed for immediate recognition and understanding.
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