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IMD 95
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IMD 95 Current Range
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Furnish and install temperzone fan coil units as indicated on the schedule.

Base Unit – The base unit shall be fabricated of galvanised steel and insulated with closed cell foam. The unit shall be complete with water coil, one or more centrifugal fans, condensate drain tray, enclosed electrical box, supply air duct spigot and return air duct spigot. Units shall have mounting holes on the top side for ease of installation. Spring mounts (optional) shall be available for mounting the unit. 

Coils – Coils shall be comprised of die formed plate type aluminium fins mechanically bonded to high efficiency seamless inner rifled copper tubing. Water connections shall be BSP male threaded. Cooling coils shall have a manual air vent.

Fan/s - Fans shall be centrifugal, forward curved, direct driven by a permanent split capacitor motor with bearings oiled for life. Each impeller shall be statically and dynamically balanced. Motors shall be 4 pole type operating off a single phase power supply. Motors shall have a minimum of 3 speed windings.

Drain Tray – Drain tray shall have an adjustment for inducing a positive drainage with the unit level. The tray shall project under the entire length and width of the coil including headers and return bends.

Filters – Filters shall be removable, 13 mm thick, washable, rated EU2, and mounted in a plastic frame.

Insulation – The base unit shall be insulated with closed cell foam to ensure no particles are introduced into the air stream. Insulation shall be foil faced and meet fire test standards AS 1530.3 (1989) and BS 476 parts 6 & 7.

Electric Heat - Electric elements shall be fin-tube constructed of stainless steel and include both a manual and auto reset high temperature cutout switches as well as two contactors (as required by AS/NZS 3350.2.40 1997). Additional safety protection shall be provided by an air pressure switch and circuit breaker control. A fan run-on timer shall be provided for heat dissipation.

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