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RC4 / DC4 Superseded Range

Space-saving, secure, reliable
Easy to operate

- Safe and simple
- The soul of discretion
- Economy itself
- Fast, simple servicing
- Completely cable-free

The Nordmann RC4/DC4 adapts perfectly to your requirements. It backs up your ventilation system or provides direct humidification in laboratories, conference and storage facilities, offices, humidors, cold stores, wine cellars and galleries.

You don’t have to be a technical wizard to understand the Nordmann RC4/DC4. The housing lifts off completely and the cylinder can simply be removed and exchanged. The current-bearing components and electronics are so well protected that it is impossible to touch them when changing the cylinder.

Thanks to its simple, clear-cut design, relatively small size and – if desired – concealed water and power connections, the Nordmann RC4/DC4 blends in perfectly with any environment. The Nordmann RC4/DC4 works to maximum efficiency with ordinary, untreated tap water. The integrated water management system ensures that even blowdown operations require a minimum of additional water.

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