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Pipe connectors (Lokring) Current Range

For more than 30 years now, Vulkan LOKRING has produced solder-free tube connection technology for refrigerant lines. Originally developed for the absolute extreme conditions of space technology, these tube connections have been continually optimised for the purposes of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

temperzone is proud to offer New Zealand’s most extensive range of Vulkan LOKRING patented solder-free tube connections and equipment.

Weld-Free. Leak-Free. Hassle Free.

Now perfect joins can be achieved with one of the world’s most economical and reliable methods of refrigerant tube connection. By eliminating welding, many overhead costs relating to safety, personnel, equipment and supplies, inspection rework, and monitoring can be eliminated or substantially reduced.

Advantages of the LOKRING principle
• Approx. 40% time saving
• Absolutely clean, efficient and reliable
• Installation work feasible during business hours and public access
• Installation work feasible in situations where there is a fire hazard
• Light hand assembly tool without energy exertion
• Installation can be carried out by lesser skilled workers
• No nitrogen as purge gas
• No solder-related quality problems
• In addition, scarce ASME-certified welders are freed up for large bore pipe or pressure vessel welding.

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View / Download PDF

LOKring Assembly Instructions: Download PDF 3.7MB

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