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UC6 Controller Current Range
The UC6 Unit Controller provides system protection functions such as coil frost protection, de-icing, high head pressure and low suction pressure cut-out. It also protects against rapid cycling of the compressor(s) and loss of refrigerant. Various methods of head pressure control (or limiting) are employed in temperzone units. The particular method used varies from model to model, but is also handled by the Unit Controller. In combination, these features deliver optimised performance across a wide operating temperature range.

UC6 Controllers have been progressively introduced on temperzone air cooled and water sourced models from 2013, replacing the previous OUC4 Controllers.
These are not an accessory. They are an intergral part of the air conditioning system. UC6 differs from the UC7 in that it is capable of controlling two separate compressor systems, instead of just one. Many operating status conditions can be deternined, without gauges, simply by using the UC6 Service Interface portable graphical display. Adaptors are available for connection to BMS systems.

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Download UC6 Client Wiring   November 2013
Download UC6 Features & Fault Codes   July 2013
Download UC6 Operation & Installation Air to Air November 2012 
Download UC6 Operation & Installation Hydronics October 2015
Download UC6 Modbus Communications
Download UC6 BACnet Communications

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