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ISF-AD - Inclined Floor Swirl Diffuser Current Range

The world's only floor swirl diffuser with user-adjustable airflow rate, air motion and direction.

Floor swirl diffuser with rotatable, gentle inclined air breeze, adjustable to draught-free vertical air motion. VAV (user or electrically adjustable) with constant throw to head height prevents cold feet / warm head at reduced airflow rate settings.

Volume flow rate 

  • 10 – 55 L/s (36 – 198 m³/h)

Nominal size

  • DN200

Discharge height

  • 0 m


  • User-adjustable airflow rate.
  • User-adjustable inclined air stream direction.
  • User-adjustable air motion (gentle inclined breeze to draught-free vertical motion).
  • User-adjustability is by means of rotating the diffuser face.
  • VAV damper user-adjustable or electrically adjustable.
  • Constant throw to head height of occupants throughout VAV damper range prevents cold feet / warm head at low airflow rates.
  • Low profile basket and damper assembly, suitable for shallow floor plenum.
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