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Radiators (Econorad) - Hot Water Current Range

A new and improved programme of modern heating panels enabling an individual selection for commercial or institutional layouts. With the variety of models available, the Architect can select the ideal unit for each project and is not bound by present conventions. There are seven models in the ECONORAD range. These high performance radiators are constructed from flat rectangular tubing which has low water resistance providing quick and uniform heat up.

Some of the many advantages Aquatherm Econorad Radiator enjoy over conventional type units are:

A wide selection of standard models are available in lengths from 400mm to 3000mm and in heights from 140mm to 770mm and up to 3000mm when used as a vertical wall heater. Heat outputs in the standard programme range from 150 watts to 10,850 watts.

The standard range of sizes and outputs for single and double radiators (models EH and EH-2) now provide the designer with the widest selection ever available.

The models with extended heating surface fitted (EHE) can be used to reduce the heater size or used instead of a double radiator. The models EHE/H and EHE-2 can be used also where space is at a premium or instead of a conventional natural convector.

The models EH 14, EH 21, EHE 14 and EHE 21 as single and double radiators offer a most attractive and economic alternative to conventional skirting heaters.

The models EV and EV-2 open up a complete new field of application possibilities. These models provide the answer to the application problem most commonly confronting the designer – limitations on the length of wall space available. The vertical wall panel heater is an exciting addition to the programme and has particular application in domestic and living accommodation projects such as hotels and motels where wall space is always at a premium.

The variety of models available enables the designer to use a modular size of heater throughout a particular installation. By careful selection, units of uniform dimension and appearance but with varying heat emission outputs are possible. The Aquatherm ECONORAD Radiator can be connected in series using some end connections to eliminate pipe work. For larger installations, large single units may be used reducing the total number of heating units need and thereby making for a faster and more economical installation. The standard units are constructed of 70 x 11 x 1.6mm tubular section, which is tested to 455kPa and suitable for a working pressure of 350kPa. A higher pressure model is available constructed of 70 x 11 x 2.0mm tubular section. This model is tested to 1000kPa and is suitable for a working pressure of 700kPa.

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