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Fabric Ducting Current Range

FabricAir® uses fabric for dispersing cooling, heating, ventilation or air-conditioning. The ability of fabric to disperse air provides ideal ventilation and a healthy indoor climate for the benefit of your employees and your productivity.

A FabricAir® Dispersion System is suspended from a series of aluminium rails or steel cables that are easy and simple to install. The system is designed for fast dismantling of the ducts making washing and maintenance easy and economical.

A FabricAir® Dispersion System is lightweight, flexible and adaptable for almost any purpose. For this reason it is ideal for indoor spaces such as sports halls, the retail trade, media houses some of which make strict demands on noise levels – manufacturing industries, educational institutions, commerce and, especially, the food industry.

Our ducts are available in round and half-round shapes alike and are tailored to fit ceilings, roof structures or end walls with ease. The ducts area available in a wide range of standard colours, as well as – for a surcharge – individually dyed or printed with logos, texts and promotional messages.

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