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Pre-Insulated Piping (Flexalen) Current Range

As the first fully certified flexible pre-insulated pipe system worldwide, Flexalen 600 is ideal for group, community and district networks. The efficiency and endurance of its components ensure long-term performance to serve needs of today, and tomorrow.

Product Range – Flexalen 600

Flexalen 600 has been developed to offer one solution for heating, cooling and potable water applications, and is ideal for thermal distribution networks. Its high and stable performance in combination with the ease and speed of installation, even in the most difficult conditions, is the reason why thanks to the unique properties polybutylene pipes, and the closed cellular structure from the enclosing polyethylene foam, Flexalen 600 is highly pressure, temperature and moisture-resistant. The safe, fully homogenous and easily welded connections further minimize heat losses to ensure a lifetime efficiency of the network.

With its Cradle-2-Cradle certification, Flexalen 600 is not only the most efficient, but also the most sustainable choice for thermal energy distribution. On top of that, all its components are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.

Made in Netherlands by Thermaflex International.

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Flexalen 600 Water Pipe Data Sheet: Download
Flexalen 600 Frost Protection version: Download
Electro Fusion Welding instructions: Download

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