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Skirting & Trench Heaters Run Out

Variotherm is an Austrian family-owned company which has been producing and selling economical and environmentally-friendly heating and cooling systems since 1979. We place great emphasis on the use of natural materials during product manufacture.

Trench Heating

Variotherm trench heating systems are essential wherever there are large glass surfaces. They ensure pleasant, comfortable heat and shield cold glass surfaces. Variotherm trench heating systems are sunk into the floor in front of glass doors and large glass surfaces. They create a veil of hot air along cold glass surfaces, separate the room air from the cold and make rooms comfortable in minutes.

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Skirt Heating (Classic, Delta, Beta)

The slim Variotherm skirting heating systems are ideal for creating an attractive living space. They quickly form a veil of warm air along cold wall and glass surfaces. The Delta and Beta models, available in over 200 RAL colours, give you the freedom of choice. And the Classic skirting heating systems give you even more freedom. They can be covered to suit your needs, e.g. with solid wood or modern veneers.

The Delta and Classic skirting heating systems are available in a range of sizes and capacities for wall mounting – from the compact “mini” model to the version with double heating elements. The Beta skirting heating system installed on an unobtrusive base is perfect for rooms with ceiling-to-floor windows.

Variotherm skirting heating systems are ideal for renovation and new buildings. Discrete appearance, unobtrusive look and modest in requirements. The latter is also true for the energy consumption. As low temperature systems which require only extremely small amounts of hot water, they help save energy costs. A real advantage in times like these.

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