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airCloud Pro Gateway (HC-IOTGW)
Part No: 170-000-333

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airCloud Pro Gateway (VRF tool) Coming Soon

airCloud Gateway is a hardware component of airCloud Pro solution that communicates via H-Link to your VRF system.

airCloud Pro is a simple yet powerful management tool which allows you to remotely control an unlimited number of VRF system(s) from a single app, saving you travel time.

24/7 control at your fingertips on smartphone app or web browser app.
For stand-alone and multi-site applications.


  • Save energy
  • Save time and unnecessary transportation
  • Delegate administrators of VRF systems
  • Create a comfortable climate for guests
  • All VRF users can enjoy these benefits

*4G module available as a side acccessory.

Connections: Up to 16 outdoor units and 80 indoor units / 32 outdoor units and 64 indoor units (excluding H-Link ǁ, up to 16 outdoor units and 64 indoor units).
Compatiblity: New 2020 and previous Hitachi VRF systems.

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