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Achieving Variable Capacity with Digital Scroll Compressors

Variable Capacity
Temperzone uses world-renouned Copeland compressors in a large number of its air conditioning systems. Copeland's Digital Scroll was the first compressor to deliver a capacity range from 10% to 100% without the use of inverters.

Digital compressors ensure high efficiency through a unique feature termed 'axial compliance'. This allows the fixed scroll to move incrementally in the axial direction to ensure that fixed and orbiting scrolls are always loaded together with optimal force.

Digital compressor

With 70% fewer moving parts, digital compressors deliver enhanced performance with reliable and uncomplicated design.
   Scroll parts

Extended Capability
Digitals are particularly suitable for applications requiring full or high proportions of fresh air, VAV, close control and supply air temperature control.
(Note: Suitablity for applications using full or high proportions of fresh air does not negate the probable need for pre-heating on heating cycle or for involvement of temperzone Engineering to consider each application in detail.)

Control Option
The compressor is controlled variably by a 0–10 volt DC signal that can be supplied either by a BMS system, a sophisticated controller or temperzone's optional TZT-100 Controller.

Digital Scroll Compressor
'Digital' systems include a digital scroll compressor, plus a conventional scroll compressor on twin systems. Each digital model/version provides a variable capacity ability that enables closer control of room temperature. This is achieved by avoiding on/off cycling of the compressor. These compressors have proven very reliable because of their design simplicity. Electrical harmonic noise is very low.

Twin Compressor Systems
Standard twin compressor systems have two independent refrigeration circuits to provide the flexibility and economy of two stage operation, i.e. utilising one or two circuits as conditions vary, plus the advantage of staggered starting (ie low start up current). Changing one, or two, of the fixed speed compressors to digital provides an enhanced variable capacity ability that enables closer control of room temperature.

Product Range
Temperzone now has a wide range of digital models available in both split and packaged systems. The letter 'G' in the model nomenclature designates one (or more) digital compressors used. If a digital version isn't currently available for your capacity requirement, ask us about swapping a digital for a fixed speed compressor. This can be arranged by our custom engineering dept.

For a video explanation of how a digital compressor works, click here.

For additional information on Digital compressors visit Emerson Copeland's website here.

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