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Temperzone & Hitachi Product Warranties:

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Terms & Conditions:

What It covers
If any defect in your temperzone air conditioning system is caused by FAULTY MATERIAL or WORKMANSHIP within the warranty period, starting from the date of original purchase, it will be rectified without cost for both labour and material by the Temperzone Service Centre or a Temperzone appointed agent.

What Isn’t covered by the warranty?
1. Failure to start due to voltage conditions, blown fuses or other damage caused by inadequate or interrupted electricity supply.
2. Damage caused by accident, misapplication, abuse, alteration, tampering or servicing by anyone other than a qualified person.
3. Damage resulting from incorrect installation, commissioning or use other than in accordance with the supplied installation and operating instructions.
4. Damage caused by using the air conditioning unit in a corrosive atmosphere or by filter neglect.
5. Replacement of any worn filters, drive belts or remote control batteries if applicable.
6. Damage or deterioration to the external surfaces, coils or components caused by normal weathering.
7. Freight and travel charges for work performed or parts supplied outside the area normally service by Temperzone service personnel or appointed agent.
8. Field wiring, refrigerant pipe run between units, the condensation drain pipe or other accessories by a third party.
9. Consequential damage or loss including any financial losses as a consequence of equipment failure.
10. Any costs or additional labour associated with gaining acceptable service access to equipment to carry out repairs in a safe manner.
11. Damage caused by vermin, foreign matter, misuse, or acts of god such as fire, floods and earthquakes.
12. Damage or problems resulting from the use of an acccessory not supplied by Temperzone.

The warranty does not apply If:
1. Issues relate to unsatisfactory performance as a result of operation or conditions that are outside of the 
    operating conditions specified in Temperzone or Hitachi technical/sales documentation.
2. Issues or unsatisfactory performance is the result of misapplication of the equipment.
3. Any unauthorized modification has been made to the equipment or any part has been substituted or replaced with non-original items.
4. Regular service has not been carried out by an appropriate ARC licenced installer.
5. The unit is used other than for the heating and cooling of air for human comfort - unless approved by Temperzone.
6. The system is installed in a mobile application (e.g. caravan, boat, crane).

How to make a claim on this warranty:
Click here to make an on-line claim (or check its status)

When you contact us…
Please ensure you let the Service Centre know the model and serial number of your equipment, plus the date of original purchase and invoice number.

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