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Part No: 507-521-301

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HWP 291RKTF (Inverter) Superseded Range
A temperzone first for the HWP range, HWP 291 includes an Inverter compressor for variable capacity and 
close temperature control.

Inverter compressors have the potential to use less energy than alternative types of compressor – improving efficiency.

The inverter has a very high power factor and is very efficient at part load.

Additional capacity above the nominal figure is automatically available if necessary. This is not 'time-limited', provided that the system keeps within its safe operating limits.

HWP 291 has an capacity range of 19 to 31 kW on cooling.

Inverter compressors are soft starting therefore have none of the problems associated with high in-rush current.

HWP 291 may be suitable for applications using full or high proportions of fresh air (nb pre-heating on heating cycle may be required); also for VAV, close control and supply air temperature control. Refer to temperzone Engineering. 

NOTE:  This product is a 'run out' model. Please check availability prior to ordering.
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