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IUC Indoor Unit Controller Current Range

The temperzone Indoor Unit Controller (IUC) is used in temperzone Ducted Split Systems (released from 2015).
Indoor unit's with an IUC are identified by the 'X' at the end of the product model, eg ISD 164KYX.

The IUC is not an accessory. It is an integral part of each air conditiong system.

Factory installed in the Indoor unit, the IUC communicates with the UC8 Controller located in the Oudoor unit.
A wall mounted room temperature thermostat, eg temperzone's SAT-3, can be connected to the IUC or UC8, whichever is closer.

The IUC/UC8 interconnecting cable required is a screened twisted pair cable (Modbus RS485), available from temperzone.

IUC Features:

  • Monitors indoor coil temperature(s).
  • Monitors suction line temperature(s) on cooling cycle.
  • Monitors return air temperature.
  • Monitors supply air temperature.
  • Allows connection of SAT-3, TZT-100 and other more conventional thermostats.
  • Ability to connect one or two Electronic Expansion Valves controlled from the outdoor unit (UC6 or UC8).
  • Remote On/Off switch terminals.
  • Low/Med/High fan speed control option.
  • 0 – 10Vdc control of EC Motor/Fan with dip switch selection of Maximum speed and range between Highest and Lowest speeds.
  • With Low/Med/High configuration Medium speed is always halfway between High and Low speeds.
  • Status/Fault LED and Optional Remote Fault Indication.

IUC Operation Manual:  Download
IUC Quick Reference & Fault Diagnosis:  Download
Connection Wiring UC8-IUC-tstat:  Download

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