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Wall-Mount Split

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Part No: 162-356-001
Part No: 162-356-001

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RAS-35YHA6 / RAC-35YHA6 Superseded Range

These “new” models include:

• Adoption of a new “standard” infrared controller without flap. Has a 24hr timer as currently, but additional features include:

  • Addition of “Eco” mode.
  • Addition of “Powerful” mode.
  • Auto mode will have a specific temperature selected (rather than +1, +2, +3 as it is was).

• Optional “premium” 7 day infrared controller (as used on Multizone). Features include the above plus:

  • Weekly timer with up to 6 timer settings per day.
  • “Silent” mode.
  • “Leave Home” mode (temperature set back).
  • One touch cleaning operation.
  • Eco sleep timer function.
  • Info function to get room temp and power usage.
  • Controller locking function.

• Addition of sideways motorised louvres to IU.
• Improved input / output functions:

  • Level on / off (not pulse).
  • Alarm output (12vDC) – probably via adapter card.

• IU dip switches to disable auto restart on power failure / enable cooling only operation.
• The additional of an optional adapter to allow DRED (demand response enabling device).

Appearance of the indoor unit does not change.

Note: The interconnecting wiring type has increased from 2 to 3 core for these new systems.

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