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Ducted Split

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Part No: 525-451-712
OSA 224RKTG (Digital)
Part No: 536-451-311

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ISD 224KYX / OSA 224RKTG (Digital) Run Out
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ISD 224KYX: View
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SAT-3 Installer Set-Up Guide:  Download
TZT-100 User Manual:  Download
UC8 Operation Manual:  Download
UC8 Troubleshooting Guide: Download
UC8 Modbus Communications:  Download
IUC Operation & Installlation:  Download

Note: Connection Pipes Size Change (Sept 2016). Suction changed from 19 to 22 mm; Liquid changed from 10 to 13 mm. Effects ISD 224KYX from s/n 888334 onwards and OSA 224G from s/n 886904 onwards.

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